Treating A Stubborn Yeast Infection

Nothing is as painful and annoying as a stubborn yeast infection. It is difficult to deal with the symptoms of burning, itching and irritation in the vaginal area and the infection may continue to be present again and again even with multiple treatments. You can help to stop the infection in its tracks with good hygiene and a healthy diet. You may be able to stop a stubborn yeast infection all together just by including fresh fruits and vegetables with other healthy foods in your diet.

A stubborn yeast infection will be the source of considerable annoyance. Women may have the symptoms of a yeast infection, including the vaginal discharge and vulvar itching and burning, at least four or more times a year. A doctor may confirm their diagnosis by seeing the yeast on a wet prep of the vagina or through the growth of Candida yeast on a lab culture. These tests are necessary for many recurrent occurrences in order to prevent the condition from becoming an irritant vaginitis that doesn’t respond to anti-yeast treatments of any kind.

Risk Factors

There are several risk factor that come along with a stubborn yeast infection including diabetes and atypical glucose tolerance or even insulin resistance. Another factor that comes into play when treating a stubborn yeast infection is that of drug resistance of certain Candida yeast infection strains that can be effective for a few years. This doesn’t mean that drug resistance plays a role in a stubborn yeast infection, since about ten percent of stubborn yeast infections can be caused by different yeast strains.

Treatment Options

For a stubborn yeast infection the best treatment option is Butoconazole since it is readily available without the need for a prescription and it is good against chronic recurrences. About seventy-five percent of women will have at least one yeast infection in their lives, but only about five percent will experience a stubborn yeast infection. You need to control you diet in order to avoid getting a stubborn yeast infection since this is the most important contributing factor in stubborn yeast infections.

It is also important to treat the digestive tract since this is the area that can re-infect the vagina if it is left untreated. A diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and poultry, flax seed oil, essential fatty acids, drinking lots of fresh water and whole grains can help avoid a stubborn yeast infection. You should avoid alcohol, animal fats, caffeine, dairy products, fast foods, junk food, sugar and wheat products in your diet since these can lead to a stubborn yeast infection.

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